System solutions and services for tire cord plants

Customers around the world rely on our innovative and customized system solutions. High quality plant technology as a one-stop complete solution, from consulting to construction and commissioning of the plant. Superlative after-sales service rounds off the whole range of customer support facilities. With our professional work and high level of commitment, our customers have a partner they can rely on.


Tire Cord Solutions

Experience: Construction of tire cord systems for over 75 years

For more than 75 years Benninger Zell has been setting standards with complete plants for the production of tire cord fabrics. As the market forerunner, Benninger has the technology to guarantee absolute reliability and the highest quality. Tires are the only direct link between the vehicle and the road. One hundred percent reliability and safety are an absolute must. One of the most important components of the tire compound is the core fabric. The fabrics used in a wide range of tire types are precisely impregnated and thermally treated on Benninger tire cord systems, ensuring that they meet the most demanding requirements. The first tire cord system was delivered in 1939.

Conveyor Belt Solutions

Variability: Custom fit from 0.5 – 3.2 m

Conveyor belts have to meet particularly high demands due to their operating conditions; high wear resistance for the transport of mineral piece and bulk materials is just one example. In addition, a high level of dynamic strength is required due to ever-increasing conveying speeds and the resulting alternating loads. For many decades Benninger has specialized in manufacturing conveyor belt systems with widths of up to 3.2 m that meet these requirements and needs. Depending on customer requirements, we supply tailored systems for heavy and lightweight fabrics.

Single End Solutions

Productivity: High speed up to 300 m/min.

The Benninger Zell single end impregnation lines are used to treat fibers and yarns made of polyamide, polyester, viscose and also glass, carbon fibers and other raw materials so exactly that they are suitable for universal applications - intended for use not only in tires but also in belts, hoses, cables and ropes.

Dipping/Impregnation Solutions

Reproducibility Every drop counts

Consistent production of the impregnation liquor is as equally important as the thermal treatment of the fabric.
It is an essential guarantor for the maximum adhesion of the cord fabric to the rubber of the tire. Benninger Zell supplies process-automated preparation stations (AUTO MIX) for the production and mixing of impregnating solutions with a consistently high quality, taking the latest technological and process engineering findings into account.
The innovative, software-controlled recipe management guarantees an automatic and freely programmable mixing process for optimum production.

Winding and Cutting Solutions

As required: Customized widths

The versatile use of conveyor belts in a wide variety of industrial sectors requires fabric widths in an almost unlimited variety. Benninger Zell supplies customized solutions for these applications. Precise cutting technology combined with a high degree of automation leaves hardly any wish unfulfilled. We also supply systems for tire cord that meet the requirements for straight edge roll production in every respect.

Pilot Machines

Developments: Time for something “new“

As an innovative and leading manufacturer of tire cord system solutions, Benninger Zell supplies pilot machines for single ends and tapes, available in various coating and drying processes, as a highly modular system with a compact design. Due to the modular design, the individual components can be exchanged quickly and easily. This not only allows the treatment of a very wide range of yarn and fiber materials, but the application of very diverse chemicals.

BEN Cord Control Solutions

Added value: Ideas brought to completion

There are many ways to control a machine or plant. There are few real solutions that meet both the requirements of our customers and the quality demands. We have them! We make it our job to find these ways together with our customers. Our solutions for your machines and systems are both functional and efficient. Optimum, tailored products are only possible when we work together. This includes seamless product monitoring and traceability of your product with RFID as well as all machine information via IOT.


Competent and fast support

The Benninger customer service team guarantees fast and long-term customer support and continuous functionality of the machines and systems. Qualified and experienced employees, equipped with the very latest resources, ensure that technical assistance and fast troubleshooting as well as optimization of functionality are a matter of course to maintain value and professional support, even a long time after installation and commissioning.

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Original parts with high quality and fast availability

The competence of our service technicians and Benninger's sophisticated logistics system guarantee speedy solutions to any spare part related questions. Our spare parts warehouse team is competent and fast. It ensures the functionality of every Benninger system.

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Retrofits: Longer life cycle

In order to maintain the value of the investment Benninger offers the customer different possibilities of modifications. These may be cost-effective standard but also customized modifications.

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Operation: Well trained - trouble-free operation

Well-trained personnel ensure smooth operation. We train our customers in the fields of system operation, maintenance and troubleshooting. We always ensure that training is project-related and practical. This guarantees maximum effectiveness and lowers downtimes.