The most gentle treatment

The SynthMaster can dye fabrics without difficulty where other machines have to capitulate. The SynthMaster is able to dye even non-preheat-setted woven goods made of polyester as well as Lycra blends of cotton, Rayon, Nylon and Modal fabrics in open-width form without any rope marks or edge curling. To dye the non-preheat-setted polyester fabrics free of creases, the fabric is displaced extremely gently in the chamber and glides to the front free of compression, tension or stress.


  • Lowest liquor ratio of any hydrodynamic driven long tube dyeing machine through optimized chamber
  • Internal winch – low rope lifting
  • «Smooth flow» variable nozzle
  • Frequency controlled circulation pump for closed loop nozzle pressure control
  • «Master Filter» internal self-cleaning filter, filtrating 100 % of main circulation
  • Plaiting device over full width of chamber
  • Teflonized chamber
  • «Plug and Play»

Less space requirement -shortest horizontal dyeing machine autoclave length only 4600 mm  length

Flyer SynthMaster

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