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JigMaster – the new development in the field of discontinuous fabric dyeing machines with a performance that beats everything seen before. The design of the vat, batching rollers, expanders and drive technology allows even and low-tension dyeing of the most delicate and difficult woven fabrics free of crease and edge marks. Furthermore the «TwinJig» technology with two independent troughs ensures big savings in water, energy, processing time and costs.


  • BEN-CONTROL Software for constant fabric tension and speed control
  • «TwinJig» with 2 troughs - water and energy saving thanks to counterflow rinsing and higher mechanical washing effect
  • Reduced processing time
  • Accurate measuring of lot length (incl. shrinkage and lengthening)
  • Precise detection of sampling point
  • Fast heating gradients with two high capacity heat exchangers
  • Fully automatic add tank with mixing and dosing function
  • Entire fabric width illuminated for the supervision of the process through extra wide windows
  • Fast and tensionless unloading with frequency controlled winder (batcher)
  • «Plug and Play»

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