Fastest and most versatile "Jet" of the industry

We produce the fastest and most versatile "Jet" of the industry and ensure a dramatically shorter process time. Our passion for perfect fabric quality makes sure that you produce the widest range of fabrics at lowest cost.Your future FabricMaster is not only a robust and reliable system, but the benchmark of the industry. The harmonic versatility of FabricMaster ist the beacon to conquer new markets.


  • Highest speed of industry, reduces cycle times dramatically
  • Highest wrapping angle and lowest lift of the industry, guarantees lowest tension
  • "State-of-the-art" dyeing of light and heavy fabrics
  • Highest versatility to dye difficult blends
  • Unique and in-build, 100% self-cleaning filter
  • Perfect chamber design guarantees no compression nor abrasion marks
  • Lowest liquor consumption
  • Lowest energy consumption due to harmonic system design

Sample “FabricMaster” with same nozzle design and liquor ratio availbale.

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