Central dyehouse supply systems

We offer the following systems for your dyehouse:

  • Chemical Dispensing System
  • Dyestuff Dissolving & Dosing System
  • Powder Dissolving, Storing and Dosing System
  • Water Supply System


  • No dyestuff dust contamination outside of dyestuff kitchen
  • Centralized chemicals store in protected environment
  • IBC or original chemical suppliers container  can be used and therefore no manual manipulation and dangerous handling in workshop
  • “Just in Time” supply, not waiting time at machine and therefore high reproducibility on dyeing process
  • Human error elimination
  • Permanent hot water availability – shorter  heating up time
  • No preheating tank at Jet dyeing machine required (less cost, less space)
  • High degree of heat recovery and 40% saving of heating energy (steam)
  • No hot discharge to effluent treatment plant
  • HOST System manages complete dyehouse equipment including the sub systems.

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