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The first choice to upgrade your fabric

The all new SingeRay comes in a 21st century design with features that will satisfy your requirements. One of the top features are the high velocity nozzles for beyond comparison singeing effects and a  flame with high energy density over the complete burner width.

Thanks to our high velocity nozzles paired with the unique flame width setting, we ensure significant energy savings. Benninger’s SingeRay is equipped with two silicium carbide burning chambers which ensure complete combustion, and the four cooling channels guarantee even temperature distribution over the complete burner width preventing any deformation.


  • 4 singeing positions with reproducible adjustments of singeing intensity
  • 2 high-efficiency special aluminium burners with ceramic flame guiding bricks, flame width adjustment and water cooling with temperature regulation
  • distance between fabric and burner adjustable
  • automatic setting of process parameters

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